Tuesday, October 04, 2016

xockets.io v3.0.1

Hi All,
Just finished uploading the latest version of xockets.io to openntf.  See below straight from the README:

-New Features include:

  • A new event method to script against called onBeforeMessage (fires just before a message will be sent, used for filters, other validations)
  • A new SocketMessage attribute called shortCircuit.  If set to true halts sending of message (for use with onBeforeMessage)
  •     Support for includes / use across multiple script libraries using for example:
    • JavaScript external library references would be ///use lib1.ssjs, lib2.ssjs, lib3.ssjs
    • Ruby's external references would be #///use lib1.rb, lib2.rb, lib3.rb
  • Support for sharing application and session managed beans (note, only good for sharing state, do not try to perform notes operations)
  • Additional utility objects are now available in script scope as well (e.b. b64Utils, strUtils, ioUtils, fileUtils etc)
  • Open source group chat XPages application will be available soon on OpenNTF that will demonstrate these and the prior release's new features (see quick demo)
    A new parameter to override the default character set when pulling in scripts (see WEBSOCKET_CHARSET=xxxx).

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