Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Hi All,
Just released up on openntf.  The main enhancement behind this release is getting the websocket and http/s server running off the same port.  If configured, the proxy server loads when the XPages runtime loads and proxies all HTTP requests to the Domino back-end server, while any websocket connections are handled directly.  This is NOT a full featured proxy server, and is only meant to front-end Domino to create a single port for both protocols.  Below are the setup instructions (assumes you already have the plugin installed, see websocket-setup.pdf for plugin installation instructions).  Also note, tc-native (Netty's OpenSSL implementation of tomcat's native SSL) has been included.  Right now the tc-native implementation is Windows only.  I had to back-port the java code to 1.6, and create a local build of the .dlls.  I just didn't have time or patience to create a Linux build just yet.  I'll do it if anyone asks.  Note, you can still use this on Linux, but will default to the JDK's SSL / TLS implementation.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.  BTW.. be sure you upgrade to FP5 for this release.

1) Setup Domino to use alternate port(s):

2) Setup websocket config with the new config parameters:

3) Do a full bounce of Domino

4) Test the sample chat application

NOTE:  If you plan on using tc-native + OpenSSL you will need to use a slightly different configuration.  Below are the config settings I used to test the .dll