Friday, February 12, 2016 released

Hi All,
Just released latest version of  This last release fixed an issue preventing developers from importing the plugin into their designer environment.  Also, I removed the 9.0.1 plugin references so there is a chance the plugin will work with XPages 8.5.3, as long as the latest ext-lib for 8.5.3 is loaded as well.  Below is from the README inside the project.  If you have any problems or questions please let me know.

README download



Monday, February 01, 2016

Next for WebSockets on XPages / Domino

The below list covers the latest set of features / patches / updates I hope to release soon:

  • New Project Name (, xockets, dockets, other... suggestions welcome)
  • Use of Netty as the websocket/networking engine
  • Increased scale (tested locally with 15k websocket connections / users)
  • Granular control of threading, send / receive buffers to tweak performance of the server
  • Configuration can be stored in a profile document, or notes.ini (both use name/value pairs)
  • You will no longer be restricted to using the server's Id.  Any Id can be configured to integrate with the Domino server
  • password no longer has to be empty (websocket server initializes with trusted session, then reverts to configured userId)
  • Rhino embedded JavaScript clients can be registered and run under their own Ids as well (e.g. chatapp user)
  • Added Origin based security patch to prohibit Cross-Site Websocket Hijacking (CSWSH) (you must configure allowed Origins e.g.,,
  • Added security patch to make sure the logged in user has at least reader access to the nsf if the websocket url contains the nsf as part of its path. 
  • Added LRU SystemCache reference available to your Rhino JavaScript libraries (scoped to class, so be careful with your keys)
  • Maybe some others... I'll update this post as I go

Thanks for stopping by...