Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Domino WebSockets & Dashboards... it's like Christmas :)

***websocket project has been broken out into its own project, on openntf***
Hi All,
Getting close to completing the dashboard application that consumes and renders state information from remote devices / clients via websockets.  As I was building it I couldn't help but notice how festive the colors were.... so I decided to create a quick video of the application accompanied by my favorite Christmas song "Christmas Wrapping" by the Waitresses (links provided to appease the copyright gods).  Normally the app would not overwrite any errors (red), or warnings (yellow), but I disabled that logic to keep the colors going throughout the song :).  The JUnit test randomly selects the target location of the device (room number in this case), and also randomly selects the socket message data (error, warning, OK).  The client side JavaScript receives the message, then queries the DOM for the location and alters the .css class reference to change the color.  In addition to the UI, you should also notice the RhinoClient running in the console updating the documents on the back-end if an error or warning is sent in from the device.  Anyway... I guess I hit the eggnog a little early this year... Merry Christmas!

link to video

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