Monday, December 16, 2013

webshell-xpages-ext-lib now with APNHub

Hi All,
The latest incremental release of the webshell-xpages-ext-lib now contains a new feature APNHub (Apple Push Notification Hub).  Its main purpose, to facilitate push messaging across Apple's Push  Notification network.  It was built with the iOS webshell browser in mind, but will certainly work with any other native iOS app that requires push notifications.  There are directions on how to install and use in the latest release which can be found on OpenNTF.  Also, the latest sample XPage application "AIRTS" (which stands for Accident Incident Reporting Tool Software) has been setup to post the user's push token.  The component now depends on the XPages extension library, and BootStrap4Xpages ext lib.

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