Thursday, May 16, 2013

openntf project idea

I recently posted a new open source project idea on OpenNTF hoping to get some feedback on if its worth the effort or not.  I haven't gotten any feedback, so I'm not sure if I posted the project description in the right place.  Anyway, below is the text for the project.  If you have an opinion please do post a comment.... Thanks


(openntf project idea)
This project will attempt to fill a gap that might exist (at least I haven't found much yet).  Currently most hybrid development environments (i.e. PhoneGap, Appcelerator, Cordova) still require the developer to launch eclipse or Xcode to write and/or compile their mobile app.  I'd like to simplify this whole process by creating more of a browser extension based native app for the major smart phone platforms.  A single application that wraps one or more web/Xpage applications w/ a UIWebView.  The UIWebView extension would interpret custom tags or JSON data islands on the page to enable certain features (i.e. camera, GPS events listener, push enable, some other hardware features).   The enabled feature would point back to a RESTful interface back on the Domino server to consume the data on behalf of the web app.  Eventually HTML5 media APIs will probably make most of this effort throw away, but I'm really not sure how long its going to take.  A simple example of what the custom tag might look like below.  The below tag could enable a button bar w/ an action sheet or some other interface to capture and post the data across http(s).  Please provide feedback on this project's viability (i.e. does something else exist, HTML5 on iOS6 already doing most of this).  Thanks


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